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Wine Down Weekends

Sometimes we're double cupped up and other day we sip from fancy glasses with our pinkies up.. its called balance baby.

This weekend we're featuring two new finds, Sweet Red wines.

I'm pretty infamous for walking into Total Wine and asking whoever's behind the tasting counter for suggestions. I guess thats equivalent of going to the bar and asking the bartender to surprise you lol The crew at Total Wine have't fail me yet! On my last visit, I decided I wanted to something different. Rarely would I drink red wines because of tannin and having to let the wine breathe and all that jazz. Tannin gives red wine a dry to mouth effect and bitterness. I often go for the complete opposite and usually sweet white wines.

A while back I went to a pretty nice restaurant and enjoyed a tasting menu with wine pairings. There was this amazing dessert wine from Africa and it was RED, this is What inspired this search for a sweet red.

The 2 wines I left with that night were Liquid Popsicle " Sweet Red Cherry Flavor" and Il Duca Imperiale "Cardinal Red" with prices lower that $10 a bottle.

  1. IL Duca Imperiale wine Is a red blend with a juicy yet a hint of spice taste. The ABV is 11.5% which is a prettyy good percentage. (I don't just sip for taste ,ok lol) It has a medium body and this wine didn't disappoint!

  2. Liquid Popsicle wine is a THING! This wine is very sweet with nothing but fruit blends. The great thing about this wine is you don't have to compromise the alcohol just to enjoy the sweet taste, the ABV is 12%!! This wine is a light body and comes in some many other flavors. I honestly can't wait to taste the others. I defiantly recommend this brand as a summertime wine because it's so refreshing.

I'll be back with some more of my wine and spirit finds soon. I'm also super interested and finding out some of ya'll favorites so comment with some suggestions! Until next time loves, CHEERS!

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