14 Trendy Shoes for your HOT GIRL SUMMER

AS WE ALL KNOW, it almost that time of year. That time of year being Hot Girl Summer! I don't care if you're in a relationship/situationship or single, I believe every single one of you should participate in Hot Girl activities this summer.

Hot Girl Activities- The act of having fun and enjoying every moment of life without the regard of judgement or giving a F***about anyone’s opinion that doesn't pay your bills, love you unconditionally, or make you happy. ( 9 times out of 10 those individuals will be right by your side enjoying life) Not stressing the small stuff.

Now that we have cleared that up, I NEED y'all to know that i'm hating because allllll of the cute sandals and heels don't come in big foot sizes. However, I still came through because the girls still have to serve lewks all summer long. So First up:

*Click title of select styles to be directed to link of product/ all photos can be expanded*

1.Steve Madden's KENLEY CITRON

Talking about spicy! This braided trend is EVERYWHERE and you’ll see it a couple times throughout this post. I absolutely adore it because it easily can be transitioned from dressy to casual and gives you and effortlessly put together look. This vibrant color is perfect for spring summer and can be carried over to fall. Also can be worn as a neutral color, so sub your nude or black shoes and make a statement !

2. Steven Madden's ZELLE PINK

ok, Steve Madden! They’ve been on a role lately. I feel like they’re always on trend but I really love everything they have available. she’s giving very much bad and bougie, very much I take first class flights! Zelle Pink is such a fun color. I will say, scrappy sandal heels aren’t for beginners lol don’t get caught looking crazy in the streets and blame me!

3. Shien Dual Vamp Slide Sandals

Once again, you’re going to see this braided trend throughout this entire post because you NEED it, babe! Trust me! This sandal really speaks to my comfortable yet stylish curvies. This can easily step up your jeans and basic tee/top to the next level. And if you’re like me and have a little munchkin... you have learned to appreciate these kinds of small treasures.

4. Shein Quilted Faux Leather Vamp Espadrille Sandals

Shein is another company that has been supporting the girls looking their very best this summer. There’s a ton of trendy footwear at a super reasonable price. Imagine wearing these with white toes nail polish ( insert stank face that means ”that ish is fire”) like ,sis!

5. Shein Plain Stiletto Heeled Mule Sandals

These scream princess vibes! You know when you were a kid and you had the princess dress up kit. You know the play set i'm talking about.

A Perfect date night heel to a give off a soft feminine energy.

6. Smash Shoes Ashley

Where are my Curvies with big feet?! I’d be the first in line if we were lining up lol This brand caters to the people who need extended sizes (size 11,12,13...). Not only do they cater to them, they offer style and quality! I will warn you, the girl be on it when it comes to buying out smash shoes inventory.

This style is another very trendy shoe you’ll see a lot of right now, a square toe with laces around you're ankle. I love the speckle accent to add a fun flare to your outfit.

7. Ego Shoes Set-Free Knotted Detail Lace Square Toe Flared Block Heel In Blue Faux Leather

If you're a 90s baby then you've seen movies like clueless, 10 things I hate about you, Craft and etc. And these flared block heel trend gives me all the vibes! I'm completely obsessed! I've seen this trend done in a variation of ways, some being a thinner heel with a pyramid shape or semi diamond shape at the bottom. These shoes are fun and can be paired with a lot.

8. Ego Shoes Vista Woven Cross Strap Square Toe Flat Slider Sandal

When I saw these sandals all I could think of is resort style! Like waking up in your villa, slipping these on and opening the bed room doors to a beach front view. Simple but yet so chic, you need these to throw in your tote ... its mandatory.

9. Ego Shoes Duchess Diamante Gem Detail Perspex Flat Slider Sandal In Rose Gold Faux Leather

Another throw in your tote and go type of sandal. Wearing heels is cute, right! but after 3 Mimosas at brunch or rapping you favorite trap song at a day party, your feet get tired!! swap them out for these and still look HELLA FANCY.

10. Lilly's Kloset phoenix lace up block heel (mocha)

These are what i call all purpose heels! Jeans and a tank (Done) cute shift dress (Done) Baggy Shirt and biker shorts (DONE) They honestly are so versatile and the chunky block heel offers and extra comfort.

11.Lilly's Kloset akimbo pedestal heel (lilac)

Hunnie, these heels scream, " I pay my bills and my bills are paid!" lol

Like I said before, this style is popular. I the flared heel with the semi diamond shape at the bottom. There's a combination of trends mesh together on this particular shoe ( transparency, flared heel and the soft puffer straps) and I think that why I like it so much.


Prints are always needed in your shoe catalog. It makes an outfit look more unique and stylish.

Denim dress are defiantly a thing this year and paired with these *Chef's Kiss* you'll have a complete, well put together outfit.


Ok, can you tell i'm obsessed with the flared heel??! I'm giving you options here, Curvies lol. Here's another fun easy heal to throw on and go; instantly upgrading you look.

14. Novam Honey's Mixed up

Last but defiantly not least, is this new brand I came across due to their stellar sponsored ads on Facebook. They're super on trend and offer stylish pieces and you guys should check them out.

These heels are show stoppers and the square toed detail along with the strap work *Faints*. Unfortunately they sold out as I was writing this post, like in hours but have so much more other great pieces as well!

So as we prepare to be OUTSIDE and live our best Hot Girl lives, i'll be sharing some other must haves along the way. And it's honestly not about being a Hot Girl... it's about enjoying life and taking time to enjoy moments and create memories. WE ALL DESERVE IT! Life can get rough, so you owe it to yourself to experience joy. That's all I want for you! So be radiant, laugh, love, be loved and so much more!

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