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Shein Bathing Suit Haul

It's swimsuit season! Every year plus size swim wear improves in style and functionality and the girls ( as in me) are loving it!

I believe seeing clothes on real people are so important! So that's why I always try to come through with try-ons. I have a fupa, a stomach, boobs, thighs and more lol and I, for one, love seeing clothes form to curves.

I have a trip coming up soon and I can't wait to put every single one of these on. Can you imagine taking pictures in a bathing suit and feeling confident and sexy. *faints* It's a dream come true.

Shein has honestly became one of my go to sites for on trend plus size bathing suits. I love the fact that I can get regular bikini and straight sized styles in MY SIZE. So often you find Tank-inis and all in one bathing suits with those dreadful built in slip/ skirt situations. Personally I hate them! LIKE GIIIRRRLLL it's 2021! We're not hiding our bawdy from no one and if they do want to see tell them to close their eyes! PUURRRiod!!

Ok! lets get into the bathing suits! If you click on the image, it'll take you to the direct link.

So first up is this cute number in orange. The thing I love about this suit is the support and coverage. I know I said we're not hiding the bawdy this summer but im also not to be out here hanging either, ok. I'm going to have the foundation to look presentable and this suit does just that. My chest is on the heavier side and its a full-time job fighting gravity. In this suit i felt supported and covered. Also this color looks phenomenal against melanin skin tones (insert gold magic sparkle so you'll catch the full vibe lol).

This bathing suit is my #2 in my top three favorites in this post. Talk about being comfortable, confident and feeling sexy! Not to mention it's black. I know the summer is all about color but black will forever find a place in my spring/summer wardrobe.

The bottoms are high waist and stretchy. The bra top is wireless ( all of them are ) with a scoop neck and cutout. I opted to not cinch the cut out with the tie, which I'm was a huge fan of having the option not to.

To spice this suit up, I would add a pop of color. I added mustard earrings but other options could be adding a colored fanny pack, hat bracelets/ anklet, cover up etc

"Not to mention it's black. I know the summer is all about color but black will forever find a place in my spring/summer wardrobe."

Chile this little number right here.... Is my #1 fave. This bathing suit is fun and flirty with cute detailing to match. The sides can be cinched and the tie front gives it an extra flare. It's suppppper comfortable and I honestly didn't want to take it off. Some key things I love about this bathing suit is the coverage on the back. It's basically a tank top back and the bikini covers a good part of my cheeks. Not everyone wants their cakes out all the time. lol

This is most likely will be my day party/pool party bathing suit because I feel so comfortable in it.

Alexa play Brown Suga by D’Angelo! The color of this bathing suit is elite!!! Could you imagine how this will look in the sunlight. This one really took me out of my comfort zone. It's a halter top and I am so self conscious about my back. However, not a care was given once I put this beauty on

The drawstrings on the sides of the bikini let you cinch the sides to your comfort level. Also the tie strings in the front of the top are functional, which lets you customize you comfort level.

A basic print swim suit is a staple. This set is just and effortless summer time look with full coverage back on the top and bikini bottoms. Do a recommend adding it to you collection, absolutely!

So Listen! She stunning. super sexy and giving very much " I have arrived" vibes.

This suit has more of an athletic wear vibe. It's made with a mesh overlay that makes it very breathable. The back straps criss cross for added support and it's stretchy. The bikini bottoms cut a little higher than the others so if you aren't completely comfortable showing your fupa, this might not be the one for you. DON'T LET THAT SCARE YOU though! In my video below, you see I added a cover up to spice up the look and I suggest you do the same if you aren't totally set on the high-cut look.

I really hope you all enjoyed theses and I REALLY hope I get to see each and every one of you out in a two piece living your best hot girl life! Remember confidence make every outfit look 1000x better and if you see something you would love to wear PUT IT ON, SIS! Put it on.

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