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Comfy Yet Stylish LEWKS

HEEEEYYYYY Curvies!! So recently I went on a quick mini-vacay to Atlanta, GA with my absolutely adorbs son. We stayed in midtown at a super affordable and cute condo through Airbnb. (Anyone else prefers Airbnb over a hotel or maybe it just me?)  Atlanta is about 4 hours and 40 mins from where I live so while it's not horribly far, it is not exactly around the corner either.

When traveling, I think one of the most important things is to be comfortable and still stylish. I personally don't like to comprise when it comes to that. I have always been the person that overdressed, while everyone else is in sweatpants and hair tied. (DISCLAIMER: Sis, if you're the person in the sweat pants and hair tied I love it lol and think you're bomb af, ok?!)  I think there's nothing wrong with either I just like to look fine in case I bump into my future husband lol. All jokes but I just like to look cute. 

Also, the super adorbs kid that I told you came with me on this trip is 2..... and a boy. I am always moving, running, speed walking, sweating or something when it comes to my sunshine, ok! So this is why comfortability is sooooo so important to me, not only while traveling but throughout my entire life.

I know at this point your like, "Ray!  Guuurrrll what are trying to tell us?" Well, my good sis, I'm trying to tell you my outfits were POPPIN  AND COMFORTABLE! I received compliments and was asked questions about each outfit and my makeup ( which i’ll share on a separate post). I'm here to share these lewks, that are mommy friendly and stylish.

Look 1: The first day ,which was mostly a travel and chill day, I wore a pair of  Plus Daisy Exposed Stripe Pocket Denim Shorts from Boohoo in a size 20. These shorts are very comfortable, fit oversized, and are more on the high waisted side. The thighs and buns were OUT girl! I paired with an old cotton graphic tee and used some accessories to spruce the fit up a bit. My fedora is 100% wool and I got it from Forever 21 about 2 or 3 yrs ago. I also wore some gold hoops with a 3 layered necklace from torrid, an MK watch and stacked some mixed bracelets with it.

Look 2: So Day two involved a lot of walking and sightseeing. I wore a plain white tank that was light and soft. It’s from wal-mart from their time and tru line and I paired it with some jeans from C.I.T.I. Citi Trends( you sang the song too right? lol) These jeans were 15.99 and were made to accentuate your curves. When I tell the cakes looked good, I mean the cakes looked GOODT. The piece that really brought this look together was the flowy, soft and lightweight kimono I wore from Torrid in a size 1/2. I honestly feel like this is a good transition pc to have in your closet because it seals the deal and the color of it dark enough to give you fall vibes. for accessories, I wore some gold and black statement earrings and pretty much kept the necklace, watch and bracelets the same. STYLE HACK: When traveling, if you want to pack lightly, cut down on accessories by wear neutral color/metal jewelry that can be paired with almost any outfit. I wore a brown slim belt and some brown 3 strap sandals from Rainbow. 

Look 3: Day 3 outfit was the epitome of comfort. I wore a tubed top jumpsuit with a gaucho style leg from torrid. It‘s black with an olive green tie die pattern on it. There’s buttons down the front of the ruched tubed section and a sash styled belt made from the same fabric. The jumpsuit was so soft and flattering on, it felt like I was wearing PJs. I paired it with a black shrug style kimono and the same accessories from the day before. This very easy look gave me and effortlessly well put together image. I also wore the same sandals as the day before as well. It ended up being extremely hot that day so I really didn’t wear the black kimono much .

So what yall think? LEWKS RIIIGGGHHHTTT?! simple and easy but they got the job done.

All in all the time spent with my munchkin was amazing! Create Memories, especially with the ones you love.

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