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About Me

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Hi Beautiful, I'm gorgeous! You can call me Raven though. I’m a South Carolina-based blogger and influencer with a love for all things Beauty and Fashion. I’m a Graduate of The Art Institute of Charleston with a bachelor's degree in Fashion and Retail Management. I’ve always been passionate about fashion and beauty. As a little girl, I would match up outfits and colorways, sketch clothing designs, and play dress-up for countless hours. Later I became the go-to person for friends and relatives for style tips, acting as their personal stylist and the occasional MUA.


I’m enthused about creating a safe space to speak about all aspects of life that make us the amazing women we are today. I strongly believe in self-care, mental health awareness, positive energy, a creative and fashionable lifestyle. I decided to start Curvy Love Spells to express and share with the world my sense of style, skills as an

MUE (Make-Up Enthusiast) and so many other creative parts of her life.  

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