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New Hair Care Product: Edge Naturale Hair Vitamins

At this point, I think you all know I’m a fan of Edge Naturale follicle enhancer. If you’re new here, hi! Stay awhile and read some previous posts to see why I’m so obsessed with the Follicle Enhancer.

Recently I had the pleasure of experiencing another part of Edge Naturale’s product line. Edge Naturale Hair Vitamins is a plant base solution made with 28 vitamins, minerals, and herbs, enhanced with Biotin and Selenium.

Honestly guys, Edge Naturale DON’T MISS!

I started taking Edge Naturale Hair Vitamins after braiding my hair. I feel like the best way to track new growth is with a protective style. At the time I was not using any other supplements and had a pretty generous water intake. ( pro tip* water and healthy eating are the key ingredients to healthy hair growth) * another side note: I was not eating healthy lol I was willing to drink the water but it’s vacation season and I was indulging in the culture, ok!*

Within the two months, I saw a difference in hair growth and thickness. I naturally have thick/ coarse hair but I still could tell the difference between my regular degular new growth and taking the Vitamins.

Before and after: Freshly done braids and less then 5 weeks

I’m always dedicated to giving you guys real and honest information and reviews. So understand that the pictures I’m placing in this post are of hair put to good use lol I’ve been in large bodies of water, sweating in extreme heat, and styled in multiple styles. So though I would love to say all this is courtesy of Edge Naturale, some of it actually wear and tear of vacation hair. HOWEVER, the thickness is the most important part of this post and I noticed a lot more new growth than normal. I didn’t experience any weird after-effects nor any weird aftertaste.

Edge Naturale’s Hair Vitamins are meant to be taken once a day with a meal. I normally took mine at lunchtime. Like most great hair Vitamins, this one is on the larger side as well. So if you’re not the because “pill taker” I recommend splitting the pill to make it a tad bit easier to swallow.

As I said, I took this pill for close to 2 months. I would definitely recommend adding it to your everyday routine.

Edge Naturale has been doing the work to supply products that won’t compromise the integrity of your hair with over-processed chemicals. Their product selection shows they actually care about their market and that’s rare nowadays. This is another reason why I am a forever fan of Edge Naturale and its products.

Later I’ll come back with another update of my braid takedown. That way you can see the growth and thickness fully out and flourish.

As always Curvies, be great!

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