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Valentine's Day Lingerie

Curvies! Valentine's day is basically tomorrow! Where are you guys going? What are you guys doing? Tell me, please! Let me live through you guys because your girl will not be participating in this year's festivities.

Ok y'all let's talk, let’s get spicy ( insert looking eyes). Lingerie, for me, is a staple part of Valentine’s day, Valentine’s weekend, season or however you celebrate. Honestly, I love lingerie in general. The conservative part of me finds it hard to really speak about this publicly but the other part is like GIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRLLLLLL give it to the girls!!

Lingerie and cute/sexy undergarments just give that extra ego/ confidence boost. 9 times out of 10 ( really 10 times out of 10 lol) its for me and not any other person. I’m the only person who sees it but it makes me feel put together. On the other end I still love my comfy granny panties and sports bras.

As a plus sized woman, I’ve been asked so many times “ aren't scared of having all your rolls and stomach out? “ My answer is HELL NO! If you're dating, married, or committed to someone, they knew you were plus sized when they met you, ok. If its because of recent weight gain, I promise you if that's your person, they won’t care about those extra pounds sis. The key to wearing Lingerie in front someone is confidence. Turn your sexy on and understand if you are at the point where you’re in front of this person with lingerie on, they obviously think you're a freaking baddie! Your partner is going to love every inch, every roll and stretch mark. So work it because you’re fine FINE!

So Let's get to it * Does loud hand clap to make you aware we are commencing the giving of the tea* lol. Here are some sites that are doing Plus Size Lingerie right. Also i'm inserting some of my favorite pcs.

SAVAGEXFENTY: Fenty has definitely brought the fire when it comes to a fierce variety of plus size lingerie. For my Curvies that love Lingerie as much I do, Fenty has different “ memberships/ subscriptions” that make it easy to save up coins to purchase some of your faves off the site when you want it and it seems to be pretty flexible. A lot of sites similar operate off of a VIP programs Kind of like this one. Here's the link if you want to learn more:

Also they have a 50% discount currently.

Playful Promises: If you find something on this site ORDER NOW (EARLY) i repeat order now. I say this because they aren't based out of the U.S. If you are an online shopper, you know that shipping because of customs and other uncontrollable variables can make shipping take a bit longer. Playful Promises offers some seriously sexy and sophisticated looks. I found out about this brand when they did collab with Gabi Fresh and it was amazing, may I add.

Torrid: I like to call Torrid old faithful. Torrid has done the work to become the go too in the plus size community across the board. Offering quality products and that is made purely with the plus size woman in mind. What I love about their lingerie is that you don't have to comprise the support and fit to look sexy.

Shein: Shein is a slept on site that really doesn't get the attention they need, ok!?!?! Their lingerie is trendy and on fashion at a super low price and the same for their clothing and accessories. I will say, be careful and read the sizing chart. Also pay attention to customer reviews. Normally, there is some form of sale or coupon code available. This is another company based outside of the U.S. so order early curvies.

All sites offer a wide variety of sizes and price ranges. Valentines is when the sales and deals are plentiful.

Happy Shopping you guys even if you pick up something special for yourself. Happy Early Valentines Day!! ❤️

*All pictures being used come directly from company websites. I do not own any rights to these fabulous images *

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