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Sultry Glam Look

I'd love to start this post by saying I killed this look! Like just look ....

Ok, now that that's out of the way, I created this look by using the Jackie Aina Anastasia pallet. This palette is one of my go-to mainly because of the color options. Colors like Credit, edges and ginger are perfect for everyday brown girl looks. Not to mention the perfect complementing shimmery shades and cute names; this palette just has some much to offer. Another thing I love about each and everyone of these 14 shadows, is the pigment! Like how is it that a pressed shimmer/ foil shadow is just as pigmented as a matte shadow?! HOW SWAY?!?!

This masterpiece offers a glam sultry look with depth. This would be a perfect date night, birthday dinner, or night out look. I'm talking about dance in the mirror for an hour before you leave look because you feel like a bad bish!

Just in case you want to recreate this look, so you can too look like a baddie, I have all the product details for you. I'm going to give a little step by step sis because we all need to express our inner baddies.

So lets get into it!

I started with prepped lids. (Prepped lids: primed lids with concealer and lightly dusted with setting powder)

  1. For my transition shade, I went in with Edges. I used a fluffy blending brush and concentrated the color in curved-hooded area of my lid. Then blending it out towards the brow bone.

  2. Next I went in with Big Wig (Love this name lol) and carved out my eye shape. I really packed this color in so I could really achieve that defined halo like cut crease look. ( S.N i adore a purple shadow AND if you ever, ever, ever see my applying a purple shadow... i'm about to slay)

  3. Then I went back in with the same fluffy brush I used to apply Edges and softly blended the top of Big Wig towards my brow but not all the way up.

  4. Ok, go grab you concealer girl!! Its time to cut you crease! I used L.A girl pro concealer in the color fawn. TIP: Put the concealer on the back of you hand! I honestly am guilty of using the brush attached to this concealer and never am I capable of achieving a clean crisp cut crease with it. So grab an angled eye shadow brush. Also, putting concealer on the back of your hand warms up the product and makes it move so much better. With this step, take your time and pat the concealer on the lid. Draw out the shape you wish to accomplish and leave the end of the shape open

  5. Let the concealer dry down! Leave it alone because applying over wet concealer is messy and can tank you entire look

  6. With a dense short haired brush, I used Sponsored and applied closed to the top of the cut crease line. I started from the inner corner and working my way out toward the open end of the created cut crease. What you should end with is an bare concealed area under Sponsored. Adding Sponsored to this area of the eye really added extra drama and depth to the look and really gave it a high end look. Sponsored is such a luxe and lush color!! Its a duo chrome shadow so it really just adds so much more to the look.

  7. Under Sponsored, I used my finger and applied Soleil. Using my finger made this shadow show up super pigmented. I feel like shimmer shadows sometimes get lost with a brush so I opt to use my finger to apply the shadow .

  8. Next use a clean brush to blend and clear lines between Sponsored and Soleil to mesh the look.

  9. OK at the this point the open end of the the cut crease needs some love. Grab your brush you used to apply big wig and apply it at the open area and gently blending into the cut crease slightly. DON'T CRAZY, Sis. Also blend out towards the temple. I like to apply any color I use on the outer corners of my eyes in a v shape, running it back into the transition shape of my eyes.

  10. Now were going to create that sexy, smoked out sultry look by applying Credit to the outer corner of the eyes in a v shape.

  11. With a fluffy brush blend out all harsh lines. Blending is the key to an effortless, well put together look.

  12. We're not done yet! Line your eyes however you love to do so, I prefer a liquid liner. I use wet wild's liquid Megaliner in black and did a dramatic cat eye. Add your mascara and lashes.

  13. On my bottom eye area I used NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in 604 milk on my lash line to brighten the eyes.

  14. Under the eye, I applied Big Wig close to my lash line and took it all the way to the inner part of the eyes but not all the way to the corner. Then I took Credit and blended under Big Wig. I focused this on the outer end of the eye but still keeping it tight. Next I used Edges closer to the inner corner and basically what i was doing it smoking out the bottom lash line to slightly mimic the lid eye shadow.

  15. In the inner corner of the eye, where you nose kind of meets your nose, I apply my highlighter to brighten the eyes and add more depth.

  16. "THE SECRET SAUCE" In the palette there's a shadow that's called Trust Issues. Ya'll Trust Issues is it! This shadow is so gorgeous and gives off so many different colors... its literally everything. With a brush more on the fluffy side, just dust Trust Issue to over your look. Also apply closer to the brow bone and I promise you! It gives you that tailored look and in videos your eyes will sparkle.

  17. Don't forget to put mascara on your bottom lashes.

Boom! There you are babes!! A super sexy, sultry , glam look. Now get dressed and go somewhere (COVID friendly) or go take some pictures... something!

Below is a video and some more pictures of this look for your (and my) enjoyment! If you try this pleeeaassee tag me!! I want to personally hype you up lol

I love you guys! I really hope you enjoyed this read and let me know if you're feeling it or not. Do you want more of these? Videos? Let me know!

Until next time Curvies, You deserve the world so go get it!

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