D.I.Y Summer Camp or Whatever

DIY Summer Camp or Whatever because out of frustration comes opportunity.

A lot of times, mothers find themselves feeling discouraged and/or defeated when life doesn’t come together as planned. Simple things can feel so detrimental because it plays a big part in life. For me, this big obstacle was/is Summer Camp/child care.

Since my son’s been born, my family has been a huge support system for me and I am forever grateful for them! I moved back home with my son in 2017, when he was 3 months old. I’ve been blessed to not have to pay the insane prices of child care or even look into summer camps outside of bible school, family trips, and educational field trips. THIS year I was recommended to look into summer camps since life is rapidly changing for me and my favorite guy.

WHO KNEW CAMPS OPEN AND FILL SO FAST!!!! The search was over before I even started. Registration starts Jan - Feb and I started in March. Child care was filled almost a year in advance and there was a waitlist… oh yeah, the price was like 260+ weekly. ANnn, annnndd, and let me add! What emailing list are you guys on, that alerts you of all things AMAZING MOM! Add me please (I’m lightly begging).

I know, I know… You’re probably thinking “ She’s this worked up about summer camps and child care!” but here’s the full picture. When you’re doing things on your own ( with the exclusion of my family because they live an hour away) #singlemotherlifestyle, the stress of finding someplace you trust with your kid, at a reasonable price, and within your work schedule so you can be there to pick up your kid on time. How can you not be stressed???!!! I’ve looked into hiring a nanny to help out but that’s a RICH BIH activity lol I’m not her just yet.

So what should a real one like myself do? Because as much as I may want to take 100 naps and eat ice cream for days on end, I CAN’T! Parents don’t just let ish fly!


I came up with the grand idea to have summer camp MYSELF! This summer will be a fun-filled learning adventure with Liam and Mommy and we're bringing friends along too!

And before some idiot says, “ WHy dOn’t YOu do fuN stUFf with yOUr kiD All tHe tImE?”

I DO!! However, I feel like a kid's summer should be that x10, and camps create memories and help kids be sociable and well-versed.

Also, my inner child is screaming to have just as much as him! I didn’t get to experience camp as a kid. My summers were filled with working at my mom's business ( My Girl was an entrepreneur/ black business owner, OK!) I got to take part in amazing activities and learn but not in summer camp activities, I didn’t.

So join us on our Summer Camp Adventure and we’ll be sure to share our fun ideas and journeys. Every kid deserves to learn while having fun and I'm just happy I get to be a part of the memories he’s creating.

A special shout out to the mommies that feel any sort of frustration when it comes to showing up for your kid(s) in any kind of way. The fact that you feel that way means you’re a great mother and you’re little one(s) appreciates you.

Send suggestions of activities and events that you’d love to see and take part in via DM on Instagram, here, or by email.

And don't confuse my light venting and frustration as me not loving being a mother. I absolutely adore being a mother and would trade it for anything in the world. Understand that this is a safe space because venting is needed to figure out what needs to be improved. You're allowed to be frustrated and to feel beaten down.... as long as you don't stay in that state of feeling. I love ya'll and I always want you to feel safe to feel.


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