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Covid Valentine's Day Ideas

picture courtesy of amazon/ Pinterest. Full set can be found on amazon.

4 more days until Valentine's Day! If you are here you're probably looking for last minute ideas to make Vday a special day for your partner. So lets get right to it, Here are 6 suggestions on what you could possibly pull together in 4 days time.

1. Hire a Personal Chef

Everyone knows that restaurants are the one place everyone and the their auntie will be during this holiday. During covid, restaurant capacities are cut more than half so I can only imagine the wait times. Why not, bring that experience to the comforts of your home? Why not enjoy the experience of being catered to?

Most Personal Chefs offer a menu and come prepared to offer the full experience ( if not more than a restaurant) and its intimate. My absolute favorite thing about this is you're already home! If you and bae eat or sip a little too much ... you head straight to the couch, bedroom or where ever. Like tell me that doesn't sound amazing.

2. Candle Lit Dinner For 2

Let say you can't find a Personal Chef available ( I mean come on ...we're kind of last minute but it doesn't matter we're still getting this done, ok? Ok!). It's cool, it's time to bring out the magic baby! You're going to take out those old recipes and put your cooking skills to the test.... oorrr order out and plate it immaculately lol.

The main thing here is to be creative and create a cozy warm environment. Head to Micheal's, Hobby Lobby and create you a centerpiece. Figure out a table setting and DON'T FORGET THE CANDLES! A cute touch will definitely be customizing anything you can. The menu, a picture of you two with the year or special message or something . Flowers ain't going to cut it, pooh. The main thing with everyone of these suggestions is, be creative and make it your own. Also think outside of the box. Yes this could take place in the Kitchen or living room but if you have a patio, deck or shed, why not change the scenery. It's still winter so be mindful of the temp and ways to warm the space but mix it up a bit.

3. SIP N' PAINT ( Covid edition)

One of the cutest things I've seen during Covid Date Nights are at home Sip N' Paint packets. You literally find a small business (Because we support small businesses round here) that sells/ creates canvas and most offer brushes and paint as well. I've seen a ton of businesses locally that offer them and i'm sure you can find someone who offers digital print outs because once again we're kind of cutting it close. If all else fails, head to the craft store and pick up all the supplies.

Like I said previously, get creative! Create a warm, cozy and loving space and make it your own experience. MAKE A FIRE PLAYLIST!!

Pick out your drink selections and make up cute and provocative names for them. Make it fun! Personalizing anything just shows you put in the extra effort.

4. Photo Shoot

Ok, ok , ok. So with this idea you can be as pg to x-rated as you want to be. Photo Shoots are a great way to create chemistry and of course create memories. Weather these pictures are solely for you and your partner or social media potables, have fun with it. There are tons of videos on YouTube on how to set up an at home studio, if that's the route you choose to go. You can hire a photographer or take them yourself. Iphone or professional camera ... its about creating memories. Remember props and ( Because i'm the friend that always involves alcohol) bring drinks to lighten the mood.

5. Spa Treatment

I love this idea because who doesn't want to be pampered? Men and women alike love spa treatments! Doing it at home makes it that much better. Couples massages are truly an intimate experience and if you don't want to hire a masseuse, do the massage and simply facials and mask yourself. What else screams intimacy louder than actually taking time to cater and take care of you partner.

I do want to add, I personally know a lot about simple spa treatments and this sound like a super simple thing to put together to me. However, if you don't, don't be discouraged. Do your research or stick to massage oils, moisture mask and bath salts. I don't want to receive hate mail after to Valentine's Day because your partners skin is on shot lol.

Same Idea with this suggestion though. Create the experience. Clean smells, warm space, towels, tranquility, candles and dim lights .

6. Wine/ Cocktail Tasting and or Mixing Class

Hiring a bartender to come into your home to provide a service is one the most lit experiences. I don't care how classy or Ratchet ( *Cough* Bald head hoe ish *cough* which I highly recommend) you make it, it's always a good time. Not only are you having fun you're also broadening your knowledge. No more asking for the same old same old at the bar, sis. You now know your options! Bartenders are the kings and queens of creating an experiences.

Mixing classes also help you spruce up your hosting skills. Adding more drink selections to the bar cart is only a plus. Also, see if you can create a drink specifically curated by you're partner and you. How cute would that be?!

Covid ain't stopping nothing over here, ok! Even though i'm not partaking in the festivities, I really want you guys to enjoy yourselves. Life is all about the moments you create with the ones you love. So remember, Have FUN!!! Tag me if you choose use any of these suggestions. Happy Valentine's Day Curvies!!

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