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Raven Williams is South Carolina based blogger and influencer with a love for all things Beauty and Fashion. Raven is a graduate of The Art Institute of Charleston with a bachelor's degree in Fashion and Retail Management. Raven has always been passionate about fashion and beauty. As a little girl, she would match up outfits and color ways, sketch clothing designs, and play dress up for countless hours. Raven later became the go-to person for friends and relatives for style tips, acting as their personal stylist and the occasional MUA.

Raven is passionate about creating a safe space to speak about all aspects of life that make us the amazing women we are today. She believes in self care, mental health awareness, positive energy, a creative and fashionable lifestyle. Raven decided to start Curvy Love Spells to express and share with the world her sense of style, skills as a MUE (Make-Up Enthusiast) and so many other creative parts of her life.  

CURVY LOVE SPELLS  is a Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog that empowers women by touching on all the things that make us feel the most confident. Curvy Love Spells aspires to offer plus and curvy women space to find inspiration for their everyday lives. Whether its style advice for the office/ date night, Conversation about what you may need to give you an emotional pick me up, daily affirmations or just to be part of a home girl atmosphere, Curvy Love Spells is here. We deliver the latest in plus size fashion, the make -up world

and so much more.